Lessons We Have Learnt During Covid-19

2020 has been a bad year due to a deadly virus known as “Covid-19”. It is called so because it came into the world in the year 2019. At first, it spread in China and then throughout the whole world. Scientists first tried to make a vaccine for this virus but failed.

When this virus reached India, all were shocked and started taking precautions and a lockdown in May was proposed for nearly two months. There are many things we have learned. I am going to discuss two of them with you. First, that money also failed as people with money also can’t get their treatment done as there are no beds available in hospitals. Secondly, masks are a helpful tool.

Millions of people died due to this virus. At first, people thought that China spread this virus as China has treated its entire people with an antidote. After a year, India found its two vaccines known as “Covisheild” and “Covacine.” Four, main things that can keep you safe from Covid-19 are wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands regularly, maintaining a 2 meters distance, and being vaccinated when your turn comes.

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